Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr.Venkat Challa (on Intelligent technologies)

Mr. Venkat Challa, JMD Aliens Group giving his views on Intelligent Technologies

1. What are the new Intelligent building technologies being used in construction today?

The construction industry involves vast implementation of latest technology to bring the modern look, convenience factor and safety measures in residential, commercial, infrastructure projects.
The new intelligent technologies being used in smart/intelligent homes is named under the umbrella term called Home Automation or Network to home. Home automation is an upcoming trend that the public looks for in residential houses, apartments, and commercial businesses. Although many techniques used in building automation (such as light and climate control, control of doors and window shutters, security and surveillance systems, etc.) are also used in home automation, additional functions in home automation can include the control of multi-media home entertainment systems, automatic houseplant watering, domestic robots and pet feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties, and a more user-friendly control interface. Other automated tasks may include setting the air conditioning to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied, and restoring the normal setting when an occupant is about to return. Some practical implementations of home automation are for example when an alarm detects a fire or smoke condition, then all lights in the house will blink to alert occupants. If the house is equipped with a home theater, a home automation system can shut down all audio and video components to alert the user to a possible fire or a burglar.

2. Do they differ in commercial and residential spaces? If yes, please explain in detail?

The technology remains same, however the application differs. For example, biometric access system used in the house is for security and convenience, for a commercial purpose the same system is configured for inventory check, tracking employees’ attendance etc.

3. How expensive are these technologies and how do they match with the benefits accrued from their use?

The intelligent building technologies provide convenience and luxury. An automated home can be a very simple grouping of controls, or it can be an automation extravaganza where just about anything that is plugged into electrical power is remotely controlled. Again, the cost depends on the customer’s budget. The basic costs mainly include; equipment, components, furniture, and custom installation.
The foremost benefit is convenience. Also, automation helps in saving power and energy in the form of energy efficiency mechanisms. For example, when a motion sensor senses no movement in a room, it puts off the lights. Auto cut off pumps, virtual home options etc help in saving power, electricity and energy.

4. How is client response to them?

Customers are highly amazed when they hear about technologies not even been used in countries like Europe except intercom facilities. They feel highly safe and secure under the shelter of booming technology implementation in their living space. Moreover, it is a great convenience and support in their hurry- burry, stressful lifestyle.

We have home automation features to make our customers life more comfortable and secure. Master remote to control everything in your home, remote access to the home appliances, touch panel integrated automation system, video streaming of visitors in the main gate, bio-metric access, electrical fencing around the campus, centralized billing of water, power, & gas, maid/kids mode to keep an eye at your home when no one is around, motion sensors, gas/smoke leak detection system, fire alarm, wet sprinklers and refuge areas in case of fire.

5. Anything else on intelligent building technologies.

Robotic vacuum cleaner /Floor cleaner, more sophisticated systems can maintain an inventory of products, recording their usage through an RFID tag, and prepare a shopping list or even automatically order replacements. For instance, Refrigerators can set to threshold level which enables order your groceries even before they are over. White goods to be operated via integrated system, Parking management system, Visitors management system. In extreme installations, rooms can sense not only the presence of a person but know who that person is and perhaps set appropriate lighting, temperature and music/TV taking into account day of week, time of day, and other factors. There are still miles to go.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home that is a retreat from the buzz of city life

The mind needs peace and rest, mind needs console and comfort whether it is in the work place to become proactive and proficient or at home to become the best home maker taking care of household activities. Ancient wisdom says “The mind is a great gift from God. When the mind becomes peaceful, it will give that peace to the world; serenity prevails everywhere”. To keep your mind in peace, it is important to live in an environment where you can relax.

Imagine your child reaches home and does not have key to open the door. Just think you are in the office and your maid is alone in the house. Your child is playing in the garden and you are worried for him. Imagine you have to do an emergency grocery shopping. You are travelling and want to watch your house from a distant place. It was a hectic day and you want to stay relaxed when you are back at home. Amidst rising worries and thoughts which disturb the peace within you, you want to find a way to relax and live a peaceful life.

As a solution to all your thoughts, a handful of builders in India are building luxury homes with home automation features and modern amenities. Homes at Aliens Space Station 1 which is being constructed by Aliens Group is one such township which gives you 80% open area, abundant greenery, relaxing swimming pools, rejuvenating spa & meditation hall, energizing sports facilities and home automation features. These features keep you tension free, stress free, and relaxed all the time, even when you are in or out of home. Advanced home automation features such as biometric access, remote access, video door phones, and motion sensors are some of the intelligent features implemented by this builder keeping your safety, security and comfort in mind.

Opt for a home which adds value to your life and takes every worry out of your mind, out of your home, keeping you stress free and relaxed. Thus, making your home a sweet home.

Friday, September 18, 2009



• Aliens comes into existence

• Aliens Venus and Fastrack residential apartments in Hyderabad are successfully delivered

• Aliens blended and handed over

• Aliens Group becomes the first developer to be awarded permissions for constructing high-rise super luxury apartments of 30 floors for its flagship project, Aliens Space Station 1

Aliens Valley and Aliens Elite handovers begin

• Construction of Aliens Space Station 1 begins

• Aliens Space Station 1 becomes India’s first Platinum’ pre-certified green residential project

• Land acquisitions for Aliens Hub, the revolutionary self sustaining mini city project, reaches 800 acres

Aliens Space Station 2, a 105 acre integrated township is launched

• Aliens Space Station 1 is commended as best residential development-Future by Cityscape Asia

• Aliens Group becomes the youngest builder to have 5 completed & 3 ongoing projects in just 6 years

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

S shape structure

Aliens Group is shaping its flagship project, Aliens Space Station1, a future landmark in Gachibowli- Tellapur, Hyderabad. It is the first residential project in Hyderabad with exclusive ‘S’-shape structure. It is being designed and shaped under the supervision of international consultants, Meinhardt. They are using the advanced technology of shear walls and Aluminum formworks to accelerate the construction, strengthen the structure against external forces, giving it modern and unique aesthetics.
S-shape architecture has many advantages. Apart from giving the project, a 1.7 km longest interconnected corridor at each level of 30 floors high-rise, it strengthens the structure of the building, provides better connectivity, and gives effective evacuation during exigency. Uniform distribution of light and air will be an everyday experience in the homes of Aliens Space Station 1. Independence and privacy are two essential themes adhered to in the design of this S-shape structure.
The apartments have been designed with no units’ entrance facing each other. Apart from three sides’ ventilation and vaastu compliances will make Aliens Space Station 1 a landmark structure in Hyderabad.

Aliens Space Station 1 has been highly commended as one of the top 3 projects in the Best Residential Development- Future category in Cityscape Asia 2009 held in Singapore for its landmark structure along with other parameters.
The Awards recognize and reward ventures that have shown outstanding performance in key market and project areas and have displayed innovative approach to strategy. The awards honour those projects that have set world-class standards of design, safety, security, energy efficiency, leisure provision and other services.

Also, Aliens Space Station 1 is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in India.
The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) rates buildings based on more than 50 different parameters. 80% open area, efficient water management, efficient garbage management and disposal, energy saving equipment are just some of the features that make living in Aliens Space Station 1 healthier and less expensive.
It’s no surprise that Aliens Space Station 1 has received the highest rating of Platinum Pre-Certification from IGBC.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hyderabad's first ever 30 floor building

For the first time, Hyderabad Urban Development Authority has given approval to construct a 30-storey project by Aliens Group ( in Hyderabad. This approval is considered a landmark achievement in the history of Hyderabad real estate as it going to be the tallest residential complex ever in the Hitech City, which was once known as city of nawabs.

Located in Gachibowli, the IT& Financial district, this 30-storied residential complex named Aliens Space Station 1, is coming up in more than 18.5 acres of land with nearly 80% of remaining area as landscaped greens. Expected to go up to a height of 87 meters, this residential development will house 2,205 apartments including duplexes and penthouses.

"Hyderabad is growing as Asia's new International hub and is a gateway to the region. Keeping pace with this development, Aliens Group synonymous for its "Intelligent Living", is developing a series of hi-tech digital homes" Aliens Group Managing Director, Mr. Hari Challa says. He added saying that Aliens Space Station 1, barely 3 Kms from the Outer Ring Road and 20 minutes drive from the new International Airport, is slated to be completed within 36 months.

The key highlights of this project are its home automation features such as biometric security access systems, touch pad switches with lift buttons inside home, Wi-Fi connectivity, shopping mall, multiplex theatre and entertainment facilities.

About Aliens Group:

Aliens Group ( headquartered in the hi-tech heart of Hyderabad, was founded in the year 2003.The group has grown exceptionally in the past five years in promoting modern, innovative, eco-sustainable and sophisticated large-scale living spaces.

Aliens Group's philosophy, as unique as its name, is to provide 'Intelligent Living' alternatives to its customers. An efficient and professional team in partnership with internationally renowned consultants such as SMC ALSOP of London (Architectural Consultants), Meinhardt Infrastructure, Singapore (Structural Engineering) and Ranhill Berhad, Malaysia (Mechanical Consultants), is working towards designing these 'Intelligent homes'. Today, Aliens Group is recognized for developing exclusive and unique townships and satellite cities in prominent locales of Hyderabad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aliens Group Projects

‘Property development happens with courage. With conviction to challenge the conventional wisdom and balance it with excellence and expertise.’

It was this very thought that laid the foundation and genesis of Aliens Group.
Headquartered in Hyderabad, the group was founded in the year 2003 and has grown exponentially in the past five years in promoting modern, innovative and intelligent living spaces.

What is so alien about Aliens? It’s fist clenched resolve to break away from the conventional mind-set, conventional development and conventional customer practices. As the thought leaders of the ‘Intelligent living’ concept, the leadership of the company believes in applying the new age phenomenon of ‘maximized spaces and minimized hassles’ to satisfy the most conscientious buyers of today’s generation.

An enterprising and proficient team, the group is headed by the dynamic duo Hari Challa and Venkat Challa who have charted a path of creating mixed development communities that foster world-class architecture with unprecedented levels of form, functionality and eco-sustainability.

Today, Aliens group is recognized for developing exclusive and unique townships, satellite cities in prominent locales of the Hyderabad. International consultants, advisors, associates, best-of-the-breed architects and engineers share their knowledge and expertise in developing the current bevy of projects. Each project is aligned with the ultimate goal of creating intelligent, eco-sensitized communities that make modern life easier, healthier and more comfortable.

After tasting success with 5 completed projects, the flagship project-an integrated township Aliens Space Station 1, is being developed, with a complete range of facilities like shopping mall, multiplex, clubhouse, sports facility and a mini golf driving range. The apartments in this township boast of home automation features such as biometric locking systems, video door phone, remote controlled switches, child tracking system etc. Aliens Space Station 1 is the first residential project with 30 floors in AP. Its 14 towers are abode to 2182 apartments ranging from 2BHK, 3BHK to Duplex and Penthouse. It is located in the heart of the IT hub & financial district at Gachibowli.

Two more projects; Aliens HUB and Aliens Space Station 2 are in the pipeline. Both of these projects are near the International Airport at Shamshabad, on the Srisailam Highway. Shamshabad is the going to see an unprecedented real estate boom in the coming years. Being located at such a strategic place, these projects are catching the attention of a lot of people. There are many other commercial projects, SEZs and Educational Institutions which are coming up in the vicinity.

Aliens Hub, a city on the move, surrounded by Hyderabad’s most promising, upcoming developments. Hub is a bold ambition to liven up the best infrastructure in the world coupled with plotted lands, high-rise apartments, 18 hole golf resort, aero-modelling club, air strip and helipad, international residential school, SEZs & corporate office blocks, lush Greenery & natural landscaping. Yes, Aliens Hub has all you need. Live, work, play, relax, educate, socialize… Hub is your one-point solution to a hyperactive city life.

Aliens Space Station 2, an integrated township amidst verdant greenery not only facilitates you with hi-class amenities but also rejuvenates your day to day living amid exquisite landscape, island clubhouse, and water features. It is located at Shamshabad which is truly the hottest investment destination of Hyderabad.

Aliens Elite in Miyapur is a finished product of Aliens that mirrors the expertise and honest efforts of Aliens. The door of each apartment opens to a home where your space is recreated and the magic of a hi-tech home begins. Smart decor, pragmatic fixtures and fittings make Elite a perfect home for today’s techno-elite buyer. And that’s not all; life beyond Elite surrounds you with hottest developments in the city from shopping, entertainment to nightlife. Elite is a perfect abode to 330 happy families.

Aliens Valley is another venture undertaken which was completed in the year 2008, has 28 apartments and 14 independent Villas. Being located in Gopanpally, a mere 4 kms distance from Gachibowli, Valley offers a host of services including a modern clubhouse, party space, pool table, swimming pool, and lot more.

Aliens Blend spread over 60, 000 sq ft of land is a well developed project in Madhapur. This project is surrounded by major developments such as Cyber Tower, Accenture, Jayabheri silicon tower, Cyber Pearl, Google, My Home hub… 5 floors project with modern amenities, clubhouse, swimming pool in the most happening place has been the attraction of high-class professionals.Aliens Fast Track is another accomplishment with 25 flats in a single residency with high class amenities and facilities.

Aliens Sweet Home Venus is our first unique and compact project completed in the year 2004. This project, located in Madhapur amidst the major industry giants, is an abode to 9 happy families. As the name indicates sweet home is spreading its sweet fragrance to all the residents.